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Friday, April 27th - A Lesson on Action

When we return to God he is able to turn our lives around.  Principle 3 states that we choose to commit our lives to Christ's care.  We first commit and surrender our lives to the true Higher Power, Jesus Christ, and then we are able to turn over our wills to Him.  



Friday, May 4th - Testimony Night

What is a CR testimony? When we hear someone else's testimony, we start to see that we are not alone in our struggles. We begin to identify with what others have been through.  It is a powerful and moving presentation. 



Friday, June 25th - Baptism Friday

Have you ever thought about being baptized but haven't made the plunge?  Or perhaps you've been thinking about rededicating your life to Christ? If so, consider joining us, Friday June 25th, as we will share a special time of baptism with our CR family. 

Celebrate Recovery - Return, Reclaim, Restore!