Easy, what do you gain when things are easy? ... nothing. I believe that anything worthwhile is not easy. Recovery is definitely not easy. Yet it is very rewarding. When I think about what I went through to get here it was not easy but it is worth every struggle, every bit of pain and trouble.

I remember when I was still struggling with my grief, my resentment, my denial. My reason for coming to Celebrate Recovery, at least I thought, was to help others. I had struggled with pornography when I was younger. I even smoked when was a teen. As a fifty-something that had no "real" problems I came for others. As you know if you are attending CR you find out about your denial and what to do about it. And I found and am finding problems in my life.

Back to easy. If things are easy we don't learn, change and grow. For me being in recovery has changed my relationships greatly. My relationships were shallow before CR mainly because I wore a mask that showed I was okay. As I took off that mask my relationships got deeper more meaningful, especially the one with my wife. If I had stayed on the easy road look at what I would have lost.

Right now is your life easy? Probably not. So, why not learn from the hardships? Why not come to CR and grow from the problems instead of letting them hold you down? When you come you will still have problems but you will have others to help you and you will know how to overcome them by working the steps. Instead of a lot pain you get joy because you know God is always there and you have a family of believers to help you through any trouble. Come any Friday night and you will find us celebrating our recovery. See you there soon! Don't wait too long.