Friday Nights

I cannot say enough about Friday nights. I would not want to be any where else than with my brothers and sisters at Celebrate Recovery. You just don't know what those relationships mean until you become a part of the Celebration we call recovery. In reality it is just exactly what we need. We all need to celebrate all the things that Jesus does for us. He has healed us from hurts, habits and hangups.

This past Friday was just so awesome. The lesson this week was Confess. One of our leaders brought the lesson and he did such a great job of talking about the healing that comes from our confession. James 5:16 promises healing if we just confess to one another and pray for one another. I got the privilege of doing chips after the lesson. Just a little explanation about chips. Every week we take time to celebrate milestones in people's recovery. We start with a blue chip for starting your recovery of some hurt, habit or hangup and end with multiple years free from said hurt, habit or hangup. As we started the ceremony many people came and got that blue chip to start that journey. It is such a honor to be a part of that. God had used that brother to touch many hearts.

After our time of open share is our time of fellowship with coffee and dessert. It was here that I found out just how much the lesson and the confession in small group was to at least one brother. When he shared with me I was so glad that we were there to help him. It was also a time of sharing with another brother part of my story and God was in that as well because I shared things that only He could have brought to my mind and words that could only be explained as His.

If your Fridays are just dull come be a part of the Celebration. Everyone is welcome no matter what you are struggling with and I mean anything. Are you struggling with health? Are you struggling with loss? Are you grieving? Are you going through divorce? Well, you will find someone here that has or is recovering from any one of those things and much more. Come be a part of our family next Friday. We start at 6 PM.