Something just hit me between the eyes. I get the "Daily Dr. Cloud" and today it really hit me. "An excuse is a way of promising ourselves we will have that same issue again." WOW! that really made me think. The real scary part is he may be on to something.

Excuses are just a way of dodging the bullet. If I have an excuse for why I am people pleaser than am I not just making it easier to continue to be one. Think about that. If I say well I am just trying to be a good Christian. That comes from a view that a Christian is someone who gives up their life, feelings and even energy to serve others. That is a flawed way of reasoning. If you try to live that way you will burn out. I would know because I lived to try please everyone. The problem was it was not to be a good Christian, no, it was to get the love and approval of others. That leaves you empty eventually. What God intends you to do is be filled with Him first so that you then can serve out of a vessel that is overrunning. God never stops loving me or approving me. Just like a father. As an earthly father of two I will never stop loving my children. It does not matter what they do, I will still love them. If I can do that than God does that even better. So, why do I need to get anything from anyone except Him. Well, I digress from the original thought. Excuses just allow us to keep doing our insanity. It can be anything that takes the place of God. So, what is taking God's place in your life? You may not yet see it (denial) but there is something. If you want to get closer to God why not come and join a bunch of us on a journey to find all the things that we put before God. This is a continuous journey and we are here to help each other. Come tonight, Friday night, at 6 pm and you will find love and acceptance. See you there! 


Excuses are lies we tell ourselves so that it doesn’t have to be our fault.