Be Yourself

Be yourself. Sounds easy doesn't it. Well, it is not. Think about your life ... How many times have you wanted to be like someone else? If I could just fit into that group, if I could just be like (fill in the blank) my life would be easy. How many times have I wished to be some one else because they fit in with the "in" people. 

It took me 50 years and a step study to realize God does not need another (fill in the blank) he needs me. If I am not me than who will be? I have a purpose that I am supposed to fulfill and if I don't who will? I have always wanted to please everyone and keep everyone happy thinking that was my job. That is not right but it felt right. As a Christian is that not what we are supposed to do? Keep everyone happy and serve them? God never intended that I get lost in others to point that I did not exist. I will also say that is not what he wants for you either. 

I think that when we realize that we cannot keep everyone happy and get their approval we begin looking other places to find the thing that will fill us up. I went several directions. I started smoking to try to fit in, then it was drinking, then it was chasing girls and the list just goes on. As it turns out nothing fulfills us like Jesus. How long will you keep trying to find that one thing? Ittook me almost 50 years of looking. My last thing was trying to fulfill it through full-time ministry work. That only kept me prisoner to my desire to please others and gain approval. I thank God that I found my way through working the 12 steps and 8 principles at Celebrate Recovery.

I have by no means arrived but I know how to keep working on my recovery. The more I work the closer I get to Jesus and the better my life gets. If I don't fit in the "in" group that is okay because God, my Father, wants me in His group. That is the ultimate "in" group. Why not get in that group? Come any Friday night at 6 pm and you will find a group that is doing our best to recover and help others. We are like blind beggars that found food and we want others to find it too!


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