Don't Cross This Line!

Recently I have read "You'll Get Through This" by Max Lucado one chapter really stood out to me. It talked about one persons journey and how much they lost but they were still hanging on to their faith in God. And then it happened God (well really Satan) crossed the line in the sand. You know that line the one that says God you do all this but don't you dare do this. If you do I may stop believing. Do you have a line?

It made me think about my line. Do I have a line? I know I had one. You know the funny thing about God is when you draw that line he usually steps right over it. For me it was a job. Since I was 19 I wanted to be in a full time ministry position. Finally at 38 I went to work at my church. It was not the most glamorous job at first but eventually I began to work in the office. I was the self proclaimed office manager. After many years of work I knew I wanted to retire from that job. So, in my mind I had drawn a line. God I know you want me at this job so just let me retire from there. Well, as you can imagine that did not go the way I wanted. After much trouble in my life that job was lost. I thank God that before that happened he had me in Christian Counseling and I was in my first step study with Celebrate Recovery. Had it not been for those things I am not so sure I would even be attending a church. Just as Jeremiah 29:11 says God knew the plans he had for me and he provided the means to accomplish them.

So, at 54 I was looking for a job. What is amazing is how God works. I applied for a job but it was almost a month later that I heard from them. After the interview, which by the way was the last day of my severance pay, I was hired within three hours. I do not know of any place that hires with just one interview. Top that off by what happened shortly after that. A co-worker came to me and explained how God had provided that job for me. She told me how they had been praying for someone to come and fill that position for six months. Wow, God has plans all I have to do it just wait. 

I say all that to say this - What is your line? What are you going to do when it gets crossed because it will at some point. Satan will attack and the line will be crossed. What are you going to turn towards? Drugs? Alcohol? Food? Sex? What god will you run towards? If you run to any but the true God, our Lord and Savior Jesus, you will be left empty. Has your line already been crossed? Are you looking for something to fill the emptiness? Why not give Jesus a chance. I wish I could tell you all the stories I have heard about Jesus changing lives. It would fill many books. Why not come to Celebrate Recovery? What have you got to loose? Hate? Fear? Resentment? Anger? Who really wants those anyway? Throw them at the foot of the cross and leave them there. It is amazing what Jesus can do with them. I hope to see you Friday night at 6 pm.


Your personal boundaries protect the inner core of your identity and your right to choices.
— Gerard Manley Hopkins